Who Benefits

Unconscious patterns of inefficient movement interfere with moving easily or enacting one’s desires. At Movement Matters, Lindy begins each session by inquiring into each person’s interests, activities, movements, sensations, and concerns. She then creates a session(s) unique to the individual, bringing their attention to specific areas through words or touch. Through variations in movement with increasing complexity, Lindy guides individuals or groups so that they can discover benefits or learn new patterns and integrate the new patterns into relevant action.

Infants & Children

Lindy works with infants and children providing them with tactile information that gives them the opportunity to develop coordination and balance and benefits of learning new motor skills.

As each child grows and learns, patterns begin to form. Here is where habit is born and lives in the unconscious. Sitting at desks, using technology, participating in overuse activities and developing beliefs about themselves and the world they live in can be limiting forces. Working to attend to self-use and providing a “kinesthetic vocabulary” can influence those patterns for greater variations to reflect more accurately their choices in navigating growing into adulthood.


As youths transition to adults, patterns which may not have been problematic when young become problematic with age. We now know that our brains are continually wiring and rewiring. There is no age limit on improving self-use and learning what we can do to improve and feel better.

Orthopedic & Neurological Conditions

In the medical arena, those with orthopedic and neurologic conditions benefit from learning how to make easier what is difficult for them at the time. Making what is difficult easier paves the way for learning new possibilities that they may not have dreamed could come true and healing occurs.

Performers & Athletes

Self use is paramount to performers and athletes. Training itself is demanding and can take its toll on well being. Restoring ease is necessary in order to function at optimal levels. Finding the edge that eliminates unnecessary tension and provides a clear image of action can make a major difference in performance, accomplishment and recovery.

Acute or Chronic Pain

Lindy also works with people in acute or chronic pain or who have experienced trauma as well as people who have sleep problems to decrease the associated anxiety and muscle tension, providing a much needed rest from the burden that develops due to the constant physiological and psychological demands of functioning in a sub-optimal state.

Lindy works with people who have a desire to improve their movement in any aspect of living. Whether it is through the Feldenkrais Method or physical therapy, everyone  benefits, learns and improves!