From what Lindy has done, every bit of my body feels great. I’m able to go mountain biking almost every day and many days biking and playing tennis both, as well as hiking, snowshoeing and skiing. This is for those whose goal is to continue living a healthy active lifestyle. You’ve seen me when some things in my body were hindering me from doing those things, and whatever the hell you do solved those impediments. That’s what it’s really all about.

Bob Vitalius

Being in Lindy Ost’s class is having an experience. An experience that takes one deeper into one’s body, one’s being. Lindy’s capacity to share vulnerability shifts her lessons into acceptance and surrender which permits habitual patterns to alter. To experience support, understanding, compassion, exploration, depth, and expansion is to be with someone who has steeped herself in all she shares. One can be deeply grateful for encountering an opportunity to enrich one’s life as one explores and experiences one’s body with someone so blessed.

Elizabeth Coleman

Feldenkrais has helped me to “listen” to my body. The gentle movements improve my ability to exercise without hurting myself. My day to day living has improved by using Feldenkrais movements. By attending Feldenkrais classes, I seem to learn something new that helps me improve my awareness of how my body feels each day. I always look forward to the next class!

Jerry Taylor

Feldenkrais Method® for me is:

my meditation on awareness of my body
my useful function training
one of my gentleness practices “Do less, do 90% less…”
my flexibility and balance program “for the duration”
Some needs filled: stimulation, play, challenge, growth, ease, spontaneity, presence…

What I do:

I listen to audio Awareness Through Movement® lessons about three time per week
I continue to take weekly ATM lessons, which I started in about 2000, currently with Lindy Ost.
I read Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ books and recommend his accessible “Awareness Through Movement”
I have occasional individual Functional Integration sessions currently with Lindy Ost.
I am in a Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Program of 40 days per year composed of ATM lessons, FI and lectures and practice

Lindsay Nelsen

More Client Testimonials

I’ve been working with Lindy for more than a decade, probably averaging two sessions per month (with a two-hour round trip drive). All the Feldenkrais work has more than paid off – I move much more freely than I did twenty years ago. Before I started Feldenkrais, I thought all my neck, back, and movement pains were for life. It’s taken time, but so many pains have diminished or are gone. It’s wonderful that moving doesn’t have to hurt. I am also enjoying the body coordination that I never had before, even in my youth.

Mary Jane P.

Lindy is a great Feldenkrais practitioner. Her knowledge and thoughtful practice have helped me gain awareness of some of my habitual movement patterns that were causing sciatica as well as other general imbalances giving me varying levels of grief! I have seen her over the years for both specific and general issues, each time being grateful for her expert hands and observant eyes. Her gentle style is a fantastic salve to today’s frenetic pace. Thank you, Lindy!

Yasmin Vitalius

I began taking ATM classes not to address any ailment and without any particular goal. It began at the invitation of my spouse – another try at a physical practice we could pursue together. I was already a yoga and tai chi dropout.

To my delight, it soon became clear that this was a very different thing altogether. Feldenkrais is about self-discovery, about discovering my own body, how it moves now and how it might move more efficiently – with greater ease. I wasn’t asked to believe in the virtues of a system I didn’t understand or to master certain ideal forms of movement. I was encouraged to become aware of my own system of physicality, to pursue my own personal Awareness Through Movement.

This is accomplished slowly, incrementally, with the verbal guidance of a teacher – very much like a guided meditation. Thankfully, I didn’t have to memorize anything! Gradually, these exercises took root in my nervous system and began to extend to the rest of my life. I have become more mindful in my everyday movements. It’s easier and safer to carry in the groceries, to walk in the woods, to stack firewood, to get in and out of the car. It’s a good thing!

Mark Nelsen

It seemed my life had become complicated by discomfort and pain. Not knowing a way out, I was fortunate to be referred to Lindy to address one of my current challenges.

A whole new world has opened up to me. As I continue to learn with ease and simplicity, practical ways to move in all areas of daily life, I’m overcoming old habits that were holding me back.

I’m excited at the comfort, ease, and relaxation that continue to be revealed through her lessons, guidance and clear suggestions along with the understanding and compassion of a skilled, knowledgeable teacher.

If only everyone could experience her practical approach to a healthier, more comfortable life.

Constance Loring

After the first few Feldenkrais® sessions with Lindy Ost, both my massage therapist and my osteopath said, ‘I don’t know what you have been doing lately, but just keep on doing it’, because of improvements they saw in my alignment and movements.


I love the Feldenkrais method®! I took the introductory Feldenkrais training as a physical therapist in 1991, 14 years after having a bad car accident where I broke 4 bones. After the class lessons, I noticed I could roll over and sleep on my right side for the first time since the accident. I’ve taken many trainings over the years, but none had this effect!

Over the years as a practicing PT, I used Feldenkrais a lot for performance enhancement, particularly restoring the swivel/rotation, speed, and fluidity back into walking with my older clients. I noticed doing the lessons increased my own walking speed and fluidity on the treadmill. I also found Feldenkrais a very effective and painless technique in restoring stomach lying and hip mobility with my clients after hip surgeries.

I continue to practice Feldenkrais lessons myself regularly on long car trips to help lessen the stiffness and break up the monotony. It is easy to do the lessons anytime, anywhere, once you know-how. Lindy Ost is an excellent teacher of Feldenkrais, and I have attended her classes as refreshers. They are well worth the time, and extremely reasonably priced! Best of all they are relaxing/soothing, and you will leave with a sense of well being that you have to experience to believe, as well as a heightened awareness of movement.

Melodie Huston

Movement really does matter! As a 75-year-old recovering from a back injury, I have found Lindy Ost’s Feldenkrais® therapy both gentle and effective. I can even jog again!

Betsy Muench

Thanks to you I learned some Feldenkrais® movements that I incorporated into my daily yoga practice. Because I have arthritis, these morning exercises help me to feel more flexible and get moving more easily every day.

Dominica Lord-Wood

I have had severe back problems for 5 plus years. I had pain in the back of my thighs that eventually radiated down to my calves and into my feet. I could not stand up straight in one place for any length of time. I woke up leaning to the right and it was getting more and more difficult to straighten my body with my normal routines of yoga, stretching and walking. All exercise was becoming painful and I was feeling very hopeless and old and I am only 56 and have been active my whole life.

I am an accountant, so I am sitting at a computer for a good deal 5 days a week. I had been to two other physical therapists over the last few years and they focused on strengthening my leg, hip, back and stomach muscles. But the pain never was fully relieved. An MRI in October revealed I had severe spinal stenosis and several bulging discs. I was really afraid that surgery was going to be the only solution.

I started at Movement Matters in September 2012. I have learned new ways to move that are gentle and are teaching my body what it feels like to be relaxed and not in a constant state of muscle contraction that I was not even aware of. I am learning gentle exercises that are improving my posture, and [that] relax my muscles and allow my spine, hips, and pelvis to move freely. I am becoming aware of how I move my body each day and how I create or relieve tension. At the end of a session with Lindy Ost, I feel I have been to a spa rather than a gym.

I am taking walks pain-free on some days for the first time in years. Yesterday I stood in a store waiting for my daughter for about 15 minutes and had no pain or pressure in my back or legs. I am more and more grateful every day. The awareness that less is more is being integrated into other areas of my life. My methods of “pushing through” pain and life no longer serve my being well and I am choosing movement more wisely.

I have more to learn and become aware of, but I know I am on a path that is freeing me of pain and creating an awareness that the body and mind work to heal, as we learn how to allow that to happen.

Mary Cay Harrington