Individual Sessions

For individual sessions, an initial contact is the first step, then individual sessions with Lindy are scheduled and paperwork completed.

The first session will be an initial interview where your concerns are discussed describing what you have tried, what has worked, what hasn’t worked and what you would like to achieve.

Based on that interview, Lindy, in collaboration with you, will ask you to do some simple movements. Depending on what was noticed, a plan to either do more movements or hands on work will be determined. It is through this initial process that both of us gain information and an idea of what is needed to move forward to achieve your goals.

A follow-up plan will be discussed and any further sessions will be used to continue the exploration process and to cultivate ideas to think about or do at home so that you have something that you understand and feel good about.

Lessons over time can change depending on priorities and life changes. The work that we do adapts to those changes with a common thread of learning and improvement.

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Individual sessions for physical therapy and movement lessons