Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement® lessons are taught by Feldenkrais practitioners who instruct students primarily in groups (can also be taught individually), in a series of positions and movements. By noticing aspects of sensation and movement that they have not noticed before, new learning and discovery occurs. The lessons are progressive from simple to more complex within a lesson and within a series. In moving easily and lightly, complex actions become possible with new connections emerging giving a greater sense of wholeness and expanding one’s sense of self.

Awareness Through Movement lessons work to:

  • Find comfort more easily
  • Decrease effort and trying
  • Increase ability to move more easily and fluidly
  • Create a more harmonious sense of coordination
  • Alter one’s sense of what strength is and how to obtain it
  • Increase flexibility and agility
  • Discover greater self awareness
  • Gain a sense of expanded potential
  • Allow for a greater sense of potency

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