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    What Is Enough?

    May 25th. George Floyd died at the hands of police. Uprisings spread nationally and internationally over racial injustice. Raw anger and rage led to violence, arson and looting. Protests filled cities across the nation. Interviews, podcasts, videos, poetry, song, dance, and visual art supported all manners of expression. Grief and reflection ensued. This is a “moment”, a moment to look inward individually and collectively. No stone will go unturned. As I wrote the above, I was well aware of thoughts, much more than feelings. The feelings were the week before: grief, disgust, dismay, frustration–all easily tapped into; on the surface, some might say. Grieving for days, feeding my…

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    Calling All Carpenters

    Ideas Worth Spreading Did you know that 80% of Americans have back pain? But what if we didn’t have to? I first learned about Osler Turner from a fellow Feldenkrais practitioner in Vermont, Uwe Mester. Along with a strong team, they designed a chair that allows your pelvis to be free while sitting. I got to try it at a training and immediately thought of people who work on the computer for a living and thought, “How useful! People need to know about this!” Sitting on a surface where the pelvis is free to move is pretty important. Sitting is considered the “next smoking” when it comes to…

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    Cozying Up With Breath

    person resting on couch

    Voice going. Energy depleting. It happened one Monday afternoon, the end of January, 2020. Thinking back, there may have been some warning signs, but nothing that was significant at the time. If it were a month later, I would have thought it was the coronavirus. I would have taken my temperature. But I didn’t take my temperature. The most important thing during that week was working to make myself comfortable. Lying down a lot. Resting on the sofa. Drinking lots of fluids. Cancelling appointments. Reading magazines that had piled up. Even thinking back to the magazines brings a smile to my face. In some ways it was a…