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It Only Takes A Second…

But we will give it two minutes. That is 120 times more! Wow that’s a lot. Imagine if our bank account made that big of a change? We probably wouldn’t be sitting at our computers! Maybe???

Change happens on a dime. As we are experiencing during this pandemic.

There have been lots of roller coasters emotionally, financially, physically, mentally. And it is summer here in Maine. And it is lovely! Besides shark attacks and droughts and covid, we continue to move forward.

And my moving forward is to start a “2 Minutes To Improve Club”. Inspired because I want to hike Mt. Katahdin, the tallest mountain in Maine  and the end of the Appalacian Trail. My sons have been doing it for years. I did it once in my late 20’s.  I want to do it again and I don’t have what it takes right now. Having hiked Tumbledown Mt. recently with my son and having to stop frequently (it is rated as difficult), to settle the shakes and heart rate, I wondered how will I ever be able to do Katadhin without doing some kind of training and without the motivation to get back to how I use to train….

Well, it came this morning as I was writing. I loved jump rope as a kid, saw the documentary, “Jump!” in 2007 at the Maine Film Festival, motivating me to do some jumpn’, at some point stopped and now am thinking it is the best way to work on cardio!

That was the launch of an idea!

And then after reading and listening to “Atomic Habits” and hearing how James Clear extols the virtues of taking 2 minutes to make a change for better habits and eliminating ones that do not serve, I decided what better way than to begin a “2 Minutes to Improve Club”? I think I can do it. And I want to try and it sounds like fun!

So here goes.

M-Th ET 5 PM, I will begin a FB live ‘2 Minute Jump Rope Club’ event. We will start by just finding our jump ropes or anything that is long and narrow that we can see and move around. Yes, small steps, atomic. Will you join me?

For you it might not be jump rope or conditioning, for you it might be something else. What do you want to improve and what are you willing to do in 2 minutes 3-5 days/week. All it takes is an impulse. Listen for yours! What do you hear?