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    Hip Joints…Keep Us Moving

    I love telling people that there are 22 muscles that move each hip joint. It’s a surprise and hard for them to know what to make of it. The problem is that in the fitness and rehab worlds, you would think that the only muscles of the hips are the hip flexors (psoas), the ITB and the piriformis. Those are the ones that are most written about, stretched, rolled and massaged. In the olden days, it used to be all about the quads and the hamstrings. How times change! Of course there is good reason to give press to them, but if that is all that we think…

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    Harmony In Support

    Watercolor group of trees - blue fir, pine, cedar, fir-tree.

    I transported onto the silky white ground under a bright blue sky. I had been away for months. The lusciousness lifted and held me.  Jason sat on a picnic table. I opened my arms signaling a hug. The conversation began. Walking tall, I met Jimmy next. He had just returned from Costa Rica on retreat. He carried the energy. I captured it. Eric joined as he climbed on Jimmy’s back. Jimmy yielded to his weight. They had traveled together. His tanned skin evidence. I watched them share space. I put my backpack down and joined the others in the open area. There were about 30 of us. BC-Before…

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    Holiday Greeting

    Holiday-Greeting-Movement Matters 2021

     Please join me this holiday season to pause, to reflect, to acknowledge this moment of living. In the pause, what shines, grieves, glows, prickles? How do you move with yourself in your feeling life? How do you move with others? At the end of one year and the beginning of another, we are reminded that we start anew. We don’t need a page turn of a calendar to remind us to start over. Each moment gives us an opportunity to live it with a greater degree of satisfaction. Simpler, Softer, Clearer, Longer. Where do you want to make a shift? Where in yourself can you sense that…

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    Taking A Stance

    Fall in Maine

    Sitting on the steps outside my house, I feel the October sun warming me just enough to feel the pleasure of having to do less work to stay warm. Taking a break. Rest, recover, sleep, the golden nuggets of balance in a busy life. Listening to the leaves blowing in the breeze and the traffic from Rt. 1, I am grateful for this time. Time to write. Time to notice. Time to enjoy. Even the pangs of hunger don’t interfere with the pleasure. It is moments like these that are sprinkled into my life that soften the jabs of obligation, chaos, destruction that go on within me and…

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    Props…In Every Room…Without buying a thing.

    Movement Props-in-every-room-movement-matters

    Covid-19 I received the second Covid-19 vaccination in mid February. After a day of sporadic headaches and chills, tingling in my vaccinated arm and utter fatigue, I felt relieved and safer. Following a year of alternating between waves of upheaval and calm, I felt hope. In addition, more people were telling me they too were scheduled or had had their first or second dose. Built up tension began to soften. Warmer, longer, sunnier days added to the feeling that there was light at the end of the tunnel following a year of limits on our ability to move around freely. I began to feel energy–asking, begging, to get…

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    2020 Season’s Greetings

    Season's Greetings from Movement Matters, Brunswick, Maine

    Peace Peace within Peace to each other Again & Again & Again Not taking health for granted Leaving a lighter footprint…. Going forward…..making a difference Appreciation and Thanks to All of You As we all find our footing into something better Peace into the New Year Happy Holiday Season from Movement Matters

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    What Does It Take To Improve?

    Two minutes. James Clear, the author of “Atomic Habits“, has studied and created a method for dismantling old habits and starting new ones. It takes two minutes. Plus awareness. And an intention. Put the three together and we have a start. Moshe Feldenkrais wrote Awareness Through Movement in order for ordinary folk to have a method in which to improve. “Less is more”, “Go slowly”, and “Make it easy” are key features. To improve, there has to be a recognition that something isn’t as it could be or an idea that something is wanted that isn’t happening now. Where to begin? Ask questions. What’s wanted? For me there…

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    It Only Takes A Second…

    But we will give it two minutes. That is 120 times more! Wow that’s a lot. Imagine if our bank account made that big of a change? We probably wouldn’t be sitting at our computers! Maybe??? Change happens on a dime. As we are experiencing during this pandemic. There have been lots of roller coasters emotionally, financially, physically, mentally. And it is summer here in Maine. And it is lovely! Besides shark attacks and droughts and covid, we continue to move forward. And my moving forward is to start a “2 Minutes To Improve Club”. Inspired because I want to hike Mt. Katahdin, the tallest mountain in Maine …

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    Calling All Carpenters

    Ideas Worth Spreading Did you know that 80% of Americans have back pain? But what if we didn’t have to? I first learned about Osler Turner from a fellow Feldenkrais practitioner in Vermont, Uwe Mester. Along with a strong team, they designed a chair that allows your pelvis to be free while sitting. I got to try it at a training and immediately thought of people who work on the computer for a living and thought, “How useful! People need to know about this!” Sitting on a surface where the pelvis is free to move is pretty important. Sitting is considered the “next smoking” when it comes to…