Flexible Feet and Ankles Series *Recordings*


The Flexible Feet & Ankles series cost is $95 for six recordings, plus a bonus lesson. Each lesson lasts roughly one hour. Once your purchase is complete you will receive a link and password to access the recordings, which reside right here on this website.



Awareness Through Movement®
Flexible Feet and Ankles

Flexible Feet & Ankles. You need it. I need it. Everyone needs it. Why? Because our feet get stuffed in ill fitting shoes and we walk on flat surfaces more than uneven surfaces. Our feet are the base in which we stand, walk, squat, and run. Our entire weight is placed on each foot with each stride. Depending on height, weight and foot size, there is anywhere from 5-10 pounds on each square inch of our foot. That’s like a bowling ball on top of a matchbook. Can you imagine a bowling ball resting on top of your big toe? Every square inch of your foot is important for balancing your entire body above and finding support from the ground below. Join me for the next Awareness Through Movement® series to discover a strong and flexible base of support.

The cost is $95 for all the 6 lessons plus one bonus recording.