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    2020 Season’s Greetings

    Peace Peace within Peace to each other Again & Again & Again Not taking health for granted Leaving a lighter footprint…. Going forward…..making a difference Appreciation and Thanks to All of You As we all find our footing into something better Peace into the New Year Happy Holiday Season from Movement Matters

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    Covid-19 2020 has seen the emergence of a global pandemic and the loss of human life of over 1.3 million people world wide, 2nd only to the Spanish Flu of 1918. Here in the United States the number of people infected has surpassed 12 million along with 255,000 deaths within eight months. Covid-19 is thought to be transmitted through droplets.…

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    A Crowded Restaurant

    Standing shoulder to shoulder in a crowded restaurant for an hour waiting for an open table takes its toll. (Four years previous to Covid when doing so was not such a threat.) There were five of us celebrating Matt, my middle son’s 21st birthday. As our wait time progressed, so did the edginess. Yes, it was hot and crowded, but…

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    What Does It Take To Improve?

    Two minutes. James Clear, the author of “Atomic Habits“, has studied and created a method for dismantling old habits and starting new ones. It takes two minutes. Plus awareness. And an intention. Put the three together and we have a start. Moshe Feldenkrais wrote Awareness Through Movement in order for ordinary folk to have a method in which to improve.…

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    It Only Takes A Second…

    But we will give it two minutes. That is 120 times more! Wow that’s a lot. Imagine if our bank account made that big of a change? We probably wouldn’t be sitting at our computers! Maybe??? Change happens on a dime. As we are experiencing during this pandemic. There have been lots of roller coasters emotionally, financially, physically, mentally. And…

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    What Is Enough?

    May 25th. George Floyd died at the hands of police. Uprisings spread nationally and internationally over racial injustice. Raw anger and rage led to violence, arson and looting. Protests filled cities across the nation. Interviews, podcasts, videos, poetry, song, dance, and visual art supported all manners of expression. Grief and reflection ensued. This is a “moment”, a moment to look…

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    New Studio Construction Diary

    Studio Construction Begins! August 2018 It has been 3.5 years since I moved my practice to 4 Riverview Drive, Brunswick, Maine. On Monday, Aug 27, construction begins to convert the building in back to a studio allowing an expanded offering of group classes and providing a new home for Movement Matters. Stay tuned and in the meantime, I will be…

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    Calling All Carpenters

    Ideas Worth Spreading Did you know that 80% of Americans have back pain? But what if we didn’t have to? I first learned about Osler Turner from a fellow Feldenkrais practitioner in Vermont, Uwe Mester. Along with a strong team, they designed a chair that allows your pelvis to be free while sitting. I got to try it at a…

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    Cozying Up With Breath

    Voice going. Energy depleting. It happened one Monday afternoon, the end of January, 2020. Thinking back, there may have been some warning signs, but nothing that was significant at the time. If it were a month later, I would have thought it was the coronavirus. I would have taken my temperature. But I didn’t take my temperature. The most important…